Members are to be responsible and to provide their own devices and instruments.

If all teammates are present in the same room together, they must then submit the handwritten notes alongside the video OR If teammates are unable to meet in person, they must then submit digital copies of their PPTs.

Team members are prohibited from interacting with their coach through usage of phones, laptops and face to face interactions.From the time the cases are distributed, to the time they submit the deadline closes. Teams will be penalized when caught.

Participants are to be at the Zoom waiting room 5 minutes before the presentations are scheduled to commence.

No additional time will be provided for teams who are late for their presentation. A team will be automatically disqualified if it does not start its presentation within 10 minutes from the scheduled start time.


It is possible for a team to compete with only 3 members in the case the 4th member falls ill or is unable to compete for some other compelling reason prior to the start of the competition. A team with fewer than three members will not be able to compete.

All team members are required to participate at least once during the presentation. The judges will not give a score to a team with a member who does not participate at least once unless the member is unable to present due to illness or for some other compelling reason. 

The competition host may make changes to the preparation and presentation times.


Team coaches are responsible for contacting the appropriate parties in the case of an emergency. Team members should share their emergency contact information (parents’ contact information, etc.) with their coach prior to the start of the competition. 


Teams must not have/wear/project any identification of the team or university (Institute's name and the name of the country of origin or any symbol thereof such as flag, logo, or head of state)on the submission file or during the presentation.

All the data that is submitted and presented must be in English.

The participants' are responsible for ensuring that their PPT and PDF files work on the Windows10 and macOS operated computers.