The following participants are wanted for the APU Japan Business Case Competition 2021 in order for us to be able to realize our vision and missions for the competition:

Students who want to connect what they’ve learned in the classroom with real business situations.

Undergraduate students aiming to compete at international case competitions.





Competition Dates
May 15th, 2021 (Sat) ~ May 16th, 2021 (Sun)   
(Competing teams will be asked to join Zoom meeting on May 15th.)
Competition will be held on Zoom.
Competition Host
Global Business Leaders (GBL), Registered Student Organization of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
HSBC Group
Team composition
Team must be composed of 5 people (4 undergraduate students + 1 coach). All team members must be enrolled at the same university.  
Number of teams
12 teams (Semi-finals)
Competition format
Short Case Style ※(3 hours preparation time, 20 min. presentation in English, 15 min. question and answer session in English)  There will be 1 preliminary round, 1 semi-final round and lastly 1 final round. 
Competition fee
Free of charge


All participants (including international students) must be full-time undergraduate students at universities in Japan at the time of application as well as at the time of competition.

Auditors and part-time students are not recognized as full-time undergraduate students and therefore ineligible to apply.

Teams must be composed of 4 undergraduate students and have the choice of picking 1 coach from the same university. Differences in members’ departments or campuses where classes are taken will not have any bearing on the application as long as all 4 students attend the same university.

The optional coach who is either a faculty or staff member of the university is recommended but not mandatory, to accompany the 4 team members to the competition. The coach must be someone able to train the team to prepare them for the competition.

Participants can only belong to one team. Individuals registered as members of multiple teams are not eligible to apply.

The members of the winning team will participate in the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2021 (typically held at the end of May or early June). The winning team will need to select new members and form a new team of 4 people (undergraduate students enrolled at the same university) by the time of the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2021 in the case a member graduates or is unable to participate for reasons other than graduation.

Students who have participated in a past HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition are unable to participate in this competition (APU Japan Business Case Competition 2021).

There are no set English proficiency requirements for participants. Please use last year’s participants’ English proficiency exam scores as a reference: 700 TOEIC score, 60 TOEFL iBT score, 500 TOEFL iTP score, 5.5 IELTS score, in addition to students who passed the Junikkyu level of the Eiken Exam.