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Global Business Leaders


        "Global Business Leaders exists to inspire students to strive and to help them develop into open-minded and capable Leaders."

What is our aim?

The primary aim of GBL is to provide a place in which students can learn and practice leadership skills. Rather than a classroom environment with a strict student-teacher hierarchy, GBL is a more relaxed setting that allows any student who chooses to lead activities or discussion on a topic of their interest. Many of these discussions involve management case studies or issues related to the corporate world.

What is our mission?

All facets of the organization are committed to empowering students and taking an endeavour to make a Leader out of themselves. While the organization does that, its prime focus is not only to build hard skills but to also nurture soft skills to create a more complete leader. Specifically the organization aims to:

Provide an inspiring atmosphere with healthy competition and comparison

Test students’ limits and capacities and provide a platform to help them break personal barriers

Constantly encourage students to venture out of their comfort zones

Encourage having confidence and openness to question themselves and the world around them.

Provide students with the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves and others, in order to develop in them, a feeling of commitment

Enhance and further develop the hard and soft skills that a leader might possess

Past Events 

(Business Case Challenge)
(Business Entrepreneurship Contest)
(Global Business Case Challenge)

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